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My Background

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and raised in Los Angeles, Alex Wu Kang realized his artistic gift and began his studies shortly after a divine intervention that saved him from a long path of self-destruction. He is now completing his BFA at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena through scholarship and wants to help others to reach their goals by inspiring and possibly using his love for the the traditional mediums in order to teach and assist in portfolio development at the college entry level.


My Medium

"I enjoy using all that is traditional when it comes to drawing and painting.  Each medium expresses marks in it's own unique way and alternating across them can keep things nice and fresh.  I will paint digitally sometimes, but only if i have to for a project that may require edits and changes, otherwise I like the idea of an existing original that I can touch and feel."


My Inspiration

Our bodies can say many things, sometimes small and sometimes bold statements.  There is always a story. I will often use those I personally know as subjects in my work, however some of my favorite pieces have been inspired by moments unplanned. I was simply at the right place at the right time.  I often work from photo reference so my phone is a very important tool, sometimes I feel as though I am a journalist when I am painting though the stories are usually more subtle than those with headlines, but to me, they are just as important. 

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